Main Interface


Set Parameters : Access to the interface to set up the parameters of the problem.

Topic : Access to the Topic selection menu.

Insert positive/negative : Insert the top words found in the set of positive/negative words.

Charge Files : Choose the set of files to be analyzed.

Run Program : Analysis of the texts for the selected topic and parameters.

Set Parameters Interface

Set Parameters

Set Alpha : Set the value of parameter alpha (dumping factor).

Top Words: Set the number of top words to display.

Iterations : Number of iterations of the program.

Mass probability : Set the mass probability assigned to the set of positive/negative words.

Topic Interface


Create topic :Access to the interface to create a topic.

Delete topic : Delete the choosen topic.

Insert : Insert a new word to the list of positive/negative words.

Delete : Delete the words selected.

Central Button : Reload the topic.

... : Exit the menu


Create Topic Interface

Create topic interface

Add positive/negative word : Select a file with positive/negative words.

Save topic : Save the topic with a name and the files selected.


Final Results