Intercultural Learning in the Internet, Socrates- Minerva, Open and Distance Learning and ICT in Education.

Intercultural Learning in the Internet - IntCultNet - is a research and development project in which a combination of high-quality multilingual content and service product will be developed jointly by 5 European countries. Experts from Asia and the Middle-East will be used to enhance global dimension.

In the project advanced pedagogical methods are used for on-line learning, using ICT and multimedia-based applications. How self-regulated, cooperative cultural learning can be effectively implemented in the Internet is one of the main focuses of our research and development, as also an instrument for measuring cultural competence.

A technical platform called "The Verkkosalkku Network" - earlier chosen as one of the EU's Best Practice Projects in Information Society - will be studied together with multi-faceted pedagogical methods: problem-based learning, interactive assignments, portfolio and digital libraries. An innovative and holistic approach is applied: instead of using primarily text, interaction will be diversified, including art, comics, games and other inspiring ways for promoting cultural understanding, with respect for European and other cultural heritage.

Among the outcomes will be increase in the cultural competence of teachers, tutors and diversified special user groups like personnel of enterprises, minorities, handicapped, immigrants etc, and promote access to best practice new methods and educational resources.